Stuck in Moscow blues


Well, the Russky didn’t get a visa to study in the US. He’s still diploma-less, I’m still feeling itchy and trapped by Russia.

At least Moscow has the decency to be chilly and rainy over the past few days — my favorite weather. I like to think my second home is trying to make me want to stay. Спасибочки, Москва. So now we’re throwing open all the windows in our apartment, drinking low-end tequila on our balcony, and planning to take over the world..

A not-entirely-related request: I need new music. Got any recommendations? What are you listening to now?

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31 thoughts on “Stuck in Moscow blues

  1. So sorry to hear that! Do they at least give you reasons for denying his visa application? They’re super-stingy with visas for Mongolians, and they don’t give the denied applicants any feedback.

    • Apparently it took them 20 minutes of deliberation among the consular officers and they were really apologetic about denying him.

      They do give reasons here. They decided that they weren’t sure his first priority was studying ie. they thought we were trying to go over and get married. Most idiotically, their advice was to get married and emigrate to the US. Which they just said they were avoiding. Oh the lovely logic of international travel!

      • Is marriage paperwork more complicated in Russia than the US? The only reasoning I can come up with is that couples waiting to get married in the States are more likely just a green card scam; if you were really serious about getting married, you would have done it in Russia.

        Though the opposite is true here; it’s much easier to get a fiancé visa than a spousal visa. Thus the reason one of my friends is “Mongol-married” but won’t get legally married until they’re in LA.

      • The process is pretty simple. My guess is something like yours — that it’s much harder to eject someone if they get married in the States so they prefer to have you get married abroad and then have lots of time to scrutinize your relationship … I guess?

        “Mongol-married” :) Sounds awesome.

      • The process is pretty simple. My guess is something like yours — that it’s much harder to eject someone if they get married in the States so they prefer to have you get married abroad and then have lots of time to scrutinize your relationship … I guess?

        “Mongol-married” :) Sounds awesome.

  2. So are you guys trying to get married? That happened to a friend of mine, and then they filed for K-1! And it’s the first time I hear of the US Embassy being apologetic, usually they deny you with a stone face (that’s what they did to my mom). Also try The Avett Brothers, especially their song, I, and Love, and You!
    Good luck with everything!

    • Nope, we’re not trying to get married or emigrate which is the most frustrating part! He was planning to study at university. Now it looks like getting married might be the only option for getting to the States. Crazy. I was also pretty surprised they were nice. Definitely not the norm.

      Thanks for the song advice!

      • We are seeing The Avett Brothers live at the Winnipeg Folk Fest tomorrow evening. :-)

        Getting married cus its what makes sense for both of you is one thing. Getting married in part because it is the only feasible way to stay together… Wouldn’t be my recommendation as I’ve “Been there, done that” and finally called it quits after 15 years.

        Everyone’s situation is unique and can only say – best wishes for finding a way that works for both of you!

      • I will take your excellent advice and keep it in mind — it’s definitely not a necessity as I can stay in Russia as boring as that is!

        Have fun at your concert, sounds awesome!

  3. come work here with me. the kids are way cuter and 1000x nicer, i guarantee you. ;) i feel for you, girl. enjoy your tequila, and have a shot or two (or ten) for me.

    oh, and i’m gonna have to go with quantic – apricot morning.

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Visas and the various regulations and rules around the world are such a stress. Is it possible to re-applY? These applications aren’t cheap or easy though are they, what a stress. :S Feeling for you, in the meantime, salud! x

    • It’s possible to re-apply but since they basically made it clear that if he was with me it was impossible unless we’re married. I hate to spend the money again when it’s probably not worth it. :/

  5. Fleet Foxes – Mykonos, Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood, Coldplay – God Put A Smile On Your Face, Erik Truffaz – Let Me Go!, Chinese Man – I’ve Got That Tune, Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter & Gold

    Chilly and rainy is also my favorite weather! Sorry to hear about the Russky’s visa.. things always look up with time!

  6. Ugh, that sucks! I’m soooo glad my “international” relationship involves 2 EU countries.

    As for music… do you know Idlewild? Kind of old, but I LOVE them!!
    Also, Tina Dico. Danish… AMAZING singer. A-MAY-ZING! Check her out. I especially love “Room With a View” and “One”.

  7. Bummer. Sounds like y’all are coping appropriately though. Not sure what’s new/you’re into, but our faves from Werchter included..Laura Mvula, Gary Clark, Jr., Lumineers, Django Django, Passenger, Jake Bugg. If I get productive today, I’m gonna try to make a playlist from the fest..

  8. Wow, this really sucks! I hope you guys figure things out. I had a similar situation when I was trying to get a Dutch visa. I was shocked when every Dutch immigration authority my bf and I met with just kept telling us to “get married–it’s easier”. I think it’s so sad that that becomes the only solution. Why can’t countries find a better way to let international couples stay together and have jobs without making things so difficult?!

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