Forcing happiness through list-making


It’s quite unlike me, but here’s a little happiness list I’ve been compiling over the past week. Through all the stress and freak outs about the upcoming visa interview (MONDAY!!), I’m trying to remember that it’s all good.

Things Making Me Cheery This Week:

001. For a few days early in the week the weather was wonderfully cool! I could cover up with a blanket at night and not broil during my extensive marshrutka (“shared taxi”) travels. It’s hot again, but it was nice while it lasted.

002. I heard the Russky say some stupid phrase in English that he could have only gotten from me. In some ways, it’s totally awesome that I’m corrupting his language with stupid Polly-isms. But it’s also terrifying — do I really sound like that?!

003. A new business English student (a man) actually shook my hand upon meeting me. (I wrote a little about handshaking and other Russian quirks here.)

004. I checked out my Russian and American bank accounts and was pleasantly surprised by both. Amazing!

005. Finally hearing a British-trained students say “on the weekend” rather than “at the weekend”! I know the phrase is correct in Britain so I don’t actively correct it but it still sounds plain wrong to me. Yay for bending students to my American agenda!

006. Making this (pictured above) with strawberries instead of plums.

007. As I mentioned in my last post, the pipes were super leaky for a while. So I guess I should be happy that we have no water now… Unfortunately not a part of the yearly shut-down-the-hot-water-in-Moscow-to-do-something event, I will remain a dirty bird for hopefully only a more couple hours.

008. We’ve been making big (crazy, outlandish…) back up plans in case the visa doesn’t come through. It’s fun to dream and take the pressure off our main goal.

Alright you grumpy pessimists. I did it, now you. What are you happy for this week?

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21 thoughts on “Forcing happiness through list-making

  1. Wow, that is a wonderful and positive list! I am happy about beach day tomorrow and trail riding on Sunday, and that this was a slow week at work – a good way to recuperate from a 2-month insanity. And that I ate a LOT of fast food (KFC, McD) this week – a rare treat.

  2. LOL, “on the weekend” sounds weird to me!!

    Pleasantly surprised by a bank account… you mean that can happen?

    I am happy that it’s the weekend – work has been CRAZY this week!

  3. Good luck with the interview on Monday!! Sending positive vibes from Canada. I’m happy for slightly cooler weather here too, and the fact that I managed to find a woman whose 10 month old kitten was shot and killed by a pellet gun in her own backyard (okay, not happy about that, it’s horrible!) But I got to write a story about it for the paper and hopefully someone will read it and maybe remember seeing something suspicious, or even just be more vigilant about their own pets outside. It’s so sad and the woman is heartbroken, but I really hope something positive can come out of it!

  4. I am happy that I have such a happy daughter. (Miss Nela’s wisdom holds true, “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child.”) Oh yeah, and the Nats won on July 4th!

      • Aw, all fingers and toes crossed he gets trough this alright. The last time was harrowing enough, and it was ‘only’ the death knell for what should have been a lovely weekend away. This time round, it really matters…!

        BTW, you’ve given me fodder for my post on prepositions…

    • This kind of reminds me of Tackle Any Issue with a List of 100.

      The exercise is to create a list with 100 entries in it. The first 30 or so will be extremely repetitive, and a few dupes will likely sneak in there. The next 40 or so, you’ll start noticing patterns, and then the last 30 will be unique (and likely surprising!).

      It might be an interesting experiment to try — by the time you reach 100 things that you’re happy about, you might gain some serious insights into what you really want out of life (:

      Come to think of it, I might just try this myself!

  5. make pelmeni, dude. sitting down and making 300 of something in a sitting is super therapeutic. that is what i do when i am getting my butt kicked at work and in life.

    or try your hand at making ice cream. errybody loves icecream.

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