A strawberry festival


This weekend we headed over the Park Pobedy to check out the Strawberry Festival. It’s part of a Moscow campaign called “Лучший город Земли” (The Best City on Earth) which runs all this summer and offers free events all over the city. I’m not sure if I can call Moscow the best city on Earth, but semantics aside…

The event promised a pretty packed schedule. Most intriguingly was from 11-12 both days was a “Strawberry DJ Set” — were they only playing strawberry related songs? was a strawberry DJing? Unfortunately we didn’t get there early enough to get answers to those burning questions.

The Strawberry Festival was kind of lame, if I’m honest. There were of course outrageous amounts of strawberries, but the lines were really long and there were only 8 or 10 tents offering different strawberry themed food. It took us about 20 minutes to get through all of it and that included waiting in line 10 minutes for a delicious strawberry-mint smoothie. After that we kind of abandoned the festival and camped out in the shade to people watch until we got too hot.



We also took a lot of artsy pictures of ourselves, obviously. Master photographers here.

IMG_4551 IMG_4586

Whenever I go to Park Pobedy I always say that I should come more often. It’s a pretty nice place to walk around and less than 15 minutes by metro from my house. But I woke up the next morning with an outrageous sunburn which reminded me why I should stay inside at all times.

If you’re in Moscow this summer and less of a ginger than I am, you should check out Лучший город Земли. Like I said, they may not be the most exciting events but I do appreciate anything that gets me out of the house during the summer.

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5 thoughts on “A strawberry festival

  1. WHOA that’s a whole different site! Anyway, anything strawberry-related gets me excited, bc I love them. I went strawberry picking on a big farm here last summer. Too bad the festival was a bust. Love your pic with red flowers tho!

    • I’m also a berry fanatic — I would love to head out to a field rather than stand in like to pay 300 rubles for some “exotic” half kilo of strawberries :)

  2. I wish I could know if a strawberry was actually DJing. So.many.questions. Love the new blog layout! (am I late to this game?) Keep up the artsy photography..y’all are adorable.

  3. Although the festival was not all it promised spending a lovely day outside in such a beautiful park is always a bonus! Its the small things that make a day great, like enjoying a strawberry smoothie out in the park with someone you care about! Enjoy the summer!

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