This week __ year(s) ago, II

I officially gave notice to the school that I’m leaving! It’s both exciting and a little worrying — I know I’m going back to America, but what about the Russky? Will I go for a quick visit or will I be there for years? Both prospects are a little daunting. On the one hand, a quick visit means that I’m coming back to Russia (meh). On the other, if I stay, it means I have to… stay there. Don’t get me wrong, my hometown is a lovely place but it’s best suited for a week-long visit, not life.

It’s Main Street and not much more. It’s not being able to walk down the street without stopping to talk to someone. It’s driving everywhere and stores closing at 9. It’s a nice idyllic idea, but in practice is really, really boring.

So for this installment of “this week __ year(s) ago” I’d like to pay homage to the town I’m usually hanging out in this time of year, rather than 5000 miles away in this air conditioner-less hell called Moscow.

This week two years ago…
I was eating delicious treats at a picnic!

And of course hanging out with my cat. About 75% of the pictures from home are filled with this cat — he’s both very photogenic and very persistent about being photographed.

This week one year ago…
I was standing in the middle of Main Street, helping with (ok, taking pictures of) Bike Virginia.

This week…
Sadly I drag around so many books all the time, I can’t be bothered to add my camera to the back-breaking weight. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to bring it back out.

What were you doing this time last year? Languishing in your hometown like me?

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16 thoughts on “This week __ year(s) ago, II

  1. WHAAAAT??? You’re abandoning this wonderful bastion of insanity? I hope whatever you end up doing or wherever you end up going next, you’ll keep writing and posting!

  2. It’s good for you to finally spend some summer in Moscow! For as tired as living in Moscow made me, I truly love the late spring and summer there.

    • The stations are allegedly. Some are cool, some are terrible.

      The cars themselves are not. Maybe a few of the new cars, but I ride in old cars about 95% of the time and they are HOT.

      • The weather will be lovely-cold then! The problem then becomes you’re all bundled up in sweaters/coats and sweat to death if you don’t take them off in the metro, but it’s far preferable to suffocating in the summer!

        Moscow in the fall is great though!

  3. This time a year ago, I was crying. ALL. THE. TIME. mostly over missing my fat cat and tiny pomeranian. Crying myself to sleep, crying and boozing, crying as I awoke from dreams of my fur babies, crying and Skyping, crying, crying, crying.

    Good luck to you as you decide your next chapter!

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