A Night in the Museum(s)


Hey, all! It’s crunch time here in Polly-land. The Russky and I are due to leave on Thursday for sunny old England for a few days. Buuuut (and there’s always a but, isn’t there?): he hasn’t gotten his visa yet. Can I just say how much more stressful it is trying to travel with someone with a Russian passport? Madness!

So now I’m in a scramble to figure out the visa, change the flight if possible, and do some writing projects that I’ve taken on for other places. I’m not normally this busy so I feel my puny brain overheating as it tries to pull itself in many different directions.

In non-stress news, this weekend I went to check out Moscow’s “Night in the Museum” with some people. Each year Moscow’s museums open themselves to the public until 1AM at reduced prices or free. Of course the lines are epically long, especially for the big museums, but it’s a really fun night when it seems like almost everyone in Moscow is out.


For the second year in a row we headed to Vinzavod, a sprawling former-wine factory full of contemporary Russian art. If you’re in Moscow, I definitely recommend going to see the photo exhibit (pictured above) — it’s all about the sexualization of Russian culture after the collapse of the USSR. The photos are both funny and horrifying.



If you head to the back of Vinzavod, you’ll see some kind of huge mural — it changes from time to time, but it’s always interactive. On the night we went there was a constant stream of people vying for markers to write on the wall. It’s cool, even for a cynic like me, to see people getting so involved in a community art project. Check out the two cutest participants below:



Next we headed over to ArtPlay (think Vinzavod, just a little more hip and a lot more expensive) to wander around for a minute. The best part was the “experimental visual art” which seemed to be just a rave:


After that the night kind of devolved into just wandering around the city aimlessly, culminating in a 2AM McDonald’s run. Yes, I was with four Russians (and one fellow American!) but chowing down on fast food in the middle of the night is part of any culture.

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