It’s a Catch 22, I Say (A Guest Post!)

Hey dudes and dudettes! Today I’m trying something a little different and having a guest post. Who doesn’t like finding a new and interesting blog to follow?

Today’s post comes c/o Jenna Longoria: a writer, yogi, and teacher, with an incurable case of wanderlust. You can read more about her tales of expat living, teaching, and tramping at Nomad Notions.

Check it out:

Bad relationships. We have all had them. And if you say you haven’t, you are a liar.

You know the type. Half the time things are going great. Your loved one and you share tender moments, a nice laugh, have a good week or two. And then ^#%265*@*@#! A fight. An argument. Moments that are close to hatred. That make you ask “who the hell is this person, and why am I with them?”. You contemplate leaving.  Envision yourself walking away from the chaos and pulling yourself away from the black hole that will eventually suck the life out of you if you don’t escape soon. BUT then…..Things get better again! You “make up”, and laugh about things. You are so encapsulated by each other’s love that damn, what WAS it that you were even fighting about again???

By this point guy or doll, you are stuck in One. Big. Vicious. Cycle.

Well, this type of relationship is the closest metaphor for what it is like teaching my Kindergarten class in Honduras.


We start off the day on a good note, they are full of energy, and soak up the lessons like a sponge. We share laughs, sing a song or two, do some coloring, and life is good. But then lunch rolls around, and consequently with this the heat. And we have no A.C. or fan.  At this point, they turn into little monsters. They will not listen to me even if I speak in Spanish. All they want is water, or to be outside in the breeze. And damn! You can’t blame them! It gets more than uncomfortably hot in our room. Today, when they went to the bathroom, I noticed they all came back soaking wet. The poor things were splashing their whole bodies with water from the sinks to cool off.

So how is this “little monster” behavior you ask? Well, at this point they start to yell, and scream, and jump all around and not listen to ANYTHING I am saying.  There are no words that can explain the headache, frustration, and most importantly, the feeling of defeat.

Today, I had to get the Principal to come in and give them a stern speech in Spanish. They call the Principal “Doctora”, and the little ones literally think she is a medicine Doctor. In her speech, she told them that if they didn’t behave they would get shots. I am not opposed to this scare tactic at all. Go for it I say!

When the end of the day rolls around, I think to myself “Why am I doing this? This is awful!!” . But then…

It is time to go home, they all give me hugs and smiles as they walk out the door with their cute little backpacks and lunch bags, and I remember why.

But I’m sure I will not be feeling this way after lunch tomorrow…


A woman sells tajadas in Santa Rosa, Honduras.

Thanks again to Jenna for reminding us all of the love/hate relationship we have with some of our students! If you’re interested in doing a guest post as well, shoot me an e-mail — pollyheathrussia@gmail!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Catch 22, I Say (A Guest Post!)

  1. As a grandmother of two sweaty preschoolers that I sometimes get to pick up in the afternoon, I know what you mean. I wondered if the big step into kindergarten would help the 5 year old overcome this afternoon blahs. You’ve answered that question. Sounds like the blahs are universal.

  2. Haha-Blahs are definitely universal! But A.C. or cooler weather sure helps. I noticed the afternoon blahs in the classroom were not as bad during the winter time (too bad “winter” in Honduras is only 2 months).

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